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    Something Unexpected CLOSED


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    Something Unexpected CLOSED

    Post by Jareth on Tue Jul 24, 2012 11:36 pm

    First topic message reminder :

    It had been three months since Jareth had seen Kanana. One could tell that there was something off about him because of that. He had never gone more than a few weeks without seeing her. He had known for some time that he was in love with her. But he did not know if she had felt those same feelings for her. He walked up to the palace door, his frame bent and broken. He was but a shell of the man that he was before. "Kanana, I'm here."

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    Re: Something Unexpected CLOSED

    Post by Kanana on Mon Mar 18, 2013 12:58 am

    "So, what happens now? My own brother attempted to kill me. What will we do about this? Beyond that, it could very well have been him that set the kidnapping up." Jareth said, to which she frowned. She honestly didn't know what would come next.

    As she thought it through, analyzing their possible courses of action and then opening her mouth to respond, Jareth got down on one knee. She thought she might faint, but luckily she didn't, and when he asked for her hand she was able to keep her cool and merely smile widely and answer with a slightly shaky yes.

    Here we are, midair off of a cliff; staring down at the end again. Maybe we're finally on the road that's headed away? What if we wasted love and our love in time disappeared? And the sad song ends up being the last song you ever hear? Maybe we gave our all; a song we'll never forget. Let them play it; maybe it'll save the world. What if we loved every moment that we could've saved? And the perfect song ends up being the last song you ever hear? Our song is playin' till the end. Even if it's the last song.

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    Re: Something Unexpected CLOSED

    Post by Tokiwa on Thu Mar 21, 2013 11:17 am

    ( while i would realy love to rp with miss kanana agien, at this moment i dont think tokiwa would just wake up all the sudden XD)

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    Re: Something Unexpected CLOSED

    Post by Jareth on Thu Mar 21, 2013 4:10 pm

    (I agree. How's about we end this topic? That way we can all RP together at a different point. But for now, we all work on RPing with just two in a thread.)

    Jareth looked at her, "You have just made me the happiest man in the world." With that, he got up, and he kissed her. It was a kiss of passion, and a kiss of love. Passion and love are similar, but they are two different things, which is why having both is better than having just one of the two.

    Jareth looked at Kanana, "So, when should we get married?" It was an honest question, for he was having some trouble figuring out what he was supposed to do after this point. After all, he had no idea how to be a husband, or a father. And he was a father first, and now he was a fiance. (I can't make the special "e," sorry.) Soon, he would be a husband. He wanted to be the finest husband for her, for that would be, in his mind, the greatest honor possible.

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    Re: Something Unexpected CLOSED

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