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    Posts, Topics, Emails and Other Junk



    Time Skip

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    Posts, Topics, Emails and Other Junk

    Post by Kanana on Tue Apr 02, 2013 12:25 am

    Alright, well, as of now I am declaring all previous topics unrespondable. Basically, they exist in the timeline of DCSD but they will no longer be continued. So I'm locking them. Rawr.

    This does not mean that the occurances that happened in those topics don't exist. Obviously those still have happened.

    For people with multiple characters and not enough emails, if you PM me a list of your characters and the one email you want them all to be connected to, I'll do that for ya. It might take me a day or two, but it'll be done. Your email will never be given out to anyone else (other than the Admins who have access to it) and will never be used as a form of contact to you, so no worries.

    Last and certainly not least, time skip. Two years ahead, yes or no? Simple enough question. [Since we basically have 3 active members, this won't be a hard decision.] Vote once, please. Obviously I'm going to know if you double-voted.

    Here we are, midair off of a cliff; staring down at the end again. Maybe we're finally on the road that's headed away? What if we wasted love and our love in time disappeared? And the sad song ends up being the last song you ever hear? Maybe we gave our all; a song we'll never forget. Let them play it; maybe it'll save the world. What if we loved every moment that we could've saved? And the perfect song ends up being the last song you ever hear? Our song is playin' till the end. Even if it's the last song.

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