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    Updated Descriptions Of Races


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    Updated Descriptions Of Races

    Post by Atreyu on Thu Dec 05, 2013 7:21 pm

    This breed of people have to use an item of some sort in order to use their skills, whether it be a stick, a rock, or even earrings, the item has to be unique and significant to them and who they are. They item also has to be blood linked to them and so on and so forth. They cannot randomly come across the item, they have to of had grown up with it in some way shape or form.

    This race of people have to draw or use a certain symbol in order to use their power. They symbol has to be unique to them and it has to be something that you wouldn’t normally see on a day to day basis. In order for an Altamone to find their symbols that have to go on something called a “Walk of the Spirits” or “Spirit Walk” in that walk will they find their symbol and the “owner” of the symbol.

    This breed of people are unlucky, yet lucky. In order for them to use their abilities their physiques have to change in some way shape or form, whether they develop wings or claws or whether they get a broader torso, they process for most is painful to say the least, some have managed to overcome the pain but others are struggling to do so. They thing that there body, or a part of their body, changes to is something that they could have possibly encountered in their life in the past that had significance to them.

    This breed of people are a more casual bunch. They weren’t gifted with powers and they weren’t cursed, instead they were blessed with great knowledge in weapons and tactics mainly. So long story short they are the weapon specialists of the world, and each one of them have weapons that are and will stay unique to them. They are spiritually linked to their weapons.

    This breed of people have to use a certain part of their body in order to perform their ability, whether it be their hands, their feet, stomach, or even their veins. Whatever the case may be they must use a part of their body in order to use their abilities. The reason why they have to use a certain part of their bodies in order to use an ability is because they have been cursed into doing so and because of that curse they have been giving the short end of the stick.

    This breed of individuals aren’t the lucky ones, in fact they are pretty unlucky. They need to take over the body of a dead Altamone, Corleik, Regg, etc, in order for them to actually be of any use whatsoever. They gain knowledge of every single thing about the person whose body they have taken over, they even gain their abilities and what not, but once the body is destroyed, they have to ditch it and find a new one.

    Opinions? Suggestions?

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