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    Atreyu Geiruza Montiablo


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    Atreyu Geiruza Montiablo

    Post by Atreyu on Fri Jul 06, 2012 3:49 pm

    Corleiks~|Atreyu Geirruza Montiablo|~~:~The Wilted Flame~:~Word could only describe my life in less than three ways. I am neither there nor here. I am the voice in your head calling to you making you do things you don't want to...am I your conscience, or am I your worst nightmare, only in due time will that answer be found out, but for right now you can just say, Destiny isn't somethign that we choose, it is somethign that is chosen for us. Whether we like it or not.


    |Picses|22|March/07/1580|(Keep in mind that the explosion happened 1596 and the current year is 1602)




      §Intense Battles

      §Being Victorious


      §His Allies

      §Warm days

      §Solitude at times



      §The Cold




      §Failed tasks


    Atreyu's mind, the way it is now, is that he believes in getting even. he doesn't care who the person is or what they have done, just as long as he has got his revenge, on them for someone else or for him he is satisfied. He ins't all too fond of Armond. He deeply cares about Kanana more than anyone else, but it is hard for him to show it sense he is so non-social. Although his ability is pure white flames his ehart at tiems adn be black and cold. is he bipolar? Well in all hoensty.....no.


    §Getting rid of all evil

    §Excelling above and beyong his own power limits


    § Can withstand any heat

    §Perfect hand to hand combat speciliast/weapon specialist

    §Great Stamina


    §Unable to use abilities when wet

    §Cannot use abilties when too cold

    §if he shows any signs of emotions toward anything he will not be able to use his powers for quite a while (5 rp days)

    =|When Atreyu excessively uses his powers his body will overheat uncontrollably shutting them off causing him to eb dormant. The heat of his body goes to about half the heat of the sun itself makign him impossible to touch.|=


    =]Black|Red|Tannish Olive[=




    [52.2 kg]


    Where Are you?

    -|-Areados|:|Darvok palace|:|Housemate(s)N/A-|-


    Around his eyes black circles are formed. Sharp marks from those circles follow after and stretch to his ears. The white part of hsi eyes are quickly riddened of their purity and turned black as the iris glows red. His kanine teeth enlarge as well and seep out past his lips slightly. His power are white flames and they burn almost hotter than the sun. He is a pyrokinetic so he can create fire from nothing.

    Already explained

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