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    Jinchu Raizen


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    Jinchu Raizen Empty Jinchu Raizen

    Post by Jinchu on Wed Aug 01, 2012 9:05 pm

    Jinchu Raizen Moon

    Jinchu Raizen Untitled-2-1
    ~|Jinchu Edward Raizen|~
    ~:~What are you known as~:~

    Word could only describe my life in less than three ways. I am neither there nor here. I am the voice in your head calling to you making you do things you don't want to...am I your conscience, or am I your worst nightmare, only in due time will that answer be found out, but for right now you can just say, ... I Am The Guardian


    (Keep in mind that the explosion happened 1596 and the current year is 1602)


    Jinchu Raizen PersonalityInformation

      § Happy People
      § Freinds
      § Fighting/Competing
      § Food
      § Girls
      § Excitement/Adventure


      § Bad smells
      § Others' Pain
      § Hairless Rodents
      § Oppression
      § Mistreatment of Women
      § Boredom


    Jinchu is a happy and free-loving person, perfectly reflecting his young age. He is a fan competing and fighting other people showing off skills and comparing, for he wants to be the strongest. He loves to be adventurous and to try new things but when he meets or sees these new things he has a slight inner struggle with being able to voice the excitement he feels. Even though he enjoys all the things you would usually see in a talkative or loud person, Jinchu enjoys a lot of these things in silence or with very few words. There is a certain peace or zen-like quality for Jin when he is participating in some sort of combat, it’s like he was born to fight, or more specifically born to protect. If there is one way to describe Jinchu, it's that he is ambitious to succeed, even when he seems to be acting goofy or childish.

    Protector Complex (Girls)
    Jinchu sees everyone with accepting eyes unless they mistreat the people around them. He feels as if he was put on this earth to protect those that are taken advantage of, exploited, and cast out. He is like a beacon, trying to give those people hope, draw them out of that darkness they have been put in and vanquish the evil that put them there. The situation is only intensified if one of these situations involve saving a girl. If he sees a girl exposed to violence, social teasing, or any sort where they could go through physical or emotional pain he becomes livid. Jin's nature turns slightly vicious towards the one who is causing this issue towards the girl. Of course he’d feel obligated to do that for anyone but when it is a girl that is involved his manor in protecting is a lot more intense, sometimes even ruthless.


    § Become a Man
    § Become the Strongest
    § Protect those who can't Protect themselves
    § Find a girl to love
    § Make his Race Proud
    § To Always cherish his Comrades


    § Intelligent Fighter
    § Never say die attitude
    § Athletic build, at the peak of his race's fitness bracket


    § Can be a hothead at times
    § Has a disadvantage when talking to women (becomes quite shy)
    § If someone were to take control of and threaten an innocent person, Jinchu would be at that person's mercy, not able to fight until the innocent person was safe

    =|Main Flaw-He will never initially try to kill someone, always aiming to disarm leaving him at a great disadvantage for the majority of a fight|=

    Jinchu Raizen DescriptionInformation

    =]Fiery Red|Aqua Green-Serpent Green (Depending on mood)|White with a little tanning ability[=



    160 lbs


    Jinchu is a man standing at 5'10 an average height, and weighs 160 lbs due to his physical prowess, not being bulky but because of his very defined athletic build. His hair is a Red, extending down to his mid-back and some comes forward over his shoulders. It kind of spikes a bit around the top and the ends of his hair have a more orangy-yellow colour and hue, giving an illusion of fire when Jinchu is moving a lot. His eyes are a gentle and kind with an aqua-green colour when Jin is having fun or just being his normal self, making his general look seem harmless. His ees change however on two different occasions, either when he is excitedly determined or very angry Jinchu's eyes deepen in colour and become very intense. They attain a serpent-green appearance and makes his overall appearance look intimidating and vengeful, scaring a lot of common people for sure how he can change so much just based on his eyes.

    Jinchu wheres a unique, white jacket with two overlapping buttons and then it splits off to the sides, running down ending just below his mid-calf. The jacket is split the same way at the back but without buttons, just the smooth material. His sleeves are short, only covering his shoulders but that is enough to conceal his tattoo symbol on his left shoulder. He wears brown buckled gloves that conceal his hand tattoos, making anyone think his chalk is all he can use for his magical abilities. His pants are black and slightly baggy, resting over the top of his shoes. Jin's tattoo on his chest is bigger than the other three, covering most of it with the symbol, it even extends just blow the split at the front of his jacket which is why he wears a black material undershirt, tight to his skin like underarmor in the torso region to make sure the tattoo is not visible to others' eyes. The sleeves of the undershirt are loose and go slightly further down than his jacket sleeves

    Jinchu Raizen Untitled-4525
    Where Are you?

    -|-Land of Oloco|:|Oaklord Town|:|None-|-


    The symbol is the image in the spoiler below. The symbol is tattooed to both of Jin's palms and there is another on his left shoulder, hidden by his jacket sleeve and one across his chest, centered out of course or it wouldn't look right. Jinchu always carries a couple pieces of chalk so he can initially throw off an opponent and set traps but when he draws the symbol it takes a full post to complete before it can be used. The symbol allows Jinchu to manipulate lightning with the symbol as the source. Besides just being able to manipulate powerful bolts of lightning from the tattoos Jin also is able to set the symbol down on something to run an electric current through it as well.
    Jinchu Raizen Human_Transmutation_Circle

    Jinchu Raizen BackgroundHistory
    Jinchu was born an unimportant and average little son of a blacksmith. His life growing up from a child was pretty rough labour-wise because of needing to help his father with his work, but he did hunger to learn as much abut it as he could and be the best use possible for his father. Life may have been generally hard to get by but it offered a simplicity that people of less humble upbringings might have enjoyed. When he turned 11 was when the great accident came, the explosion was active spreading the contaminant all over Jin's land, giving him and others who lived in the area mysterious abilities unlike none from the world they used to know.

    The unfortunate part of all this was some didn't surviv long enough to gain the abilities and make it through the contaminant's outbreak. One of those unfortunate people was Jinchu's mother, her body was unable to accept the cloud's properties for some unknown reason and it lead to her death. It took Jinchu and his father a whole year to be able to move on positively from the death. Jinchu from then on made a personal promise that he would never let harm become a woman again as a symbol of carrying a piece of his mother's will which would always help him keep her close.

    From then on Jin did his best to train in combat, figuring if he were to protect everyone (he extended the promise to all people, but with women he approached it with more intensity) he needed to become strong. He became quite accomplished with a cutlass since he had a lot of chance to practice from being the son of a blacksmith and he discovered how to use his abilities by writing down a symbol that he seemed to have mentally been developing and it was figured that the gas also gave him the required knowledge to develop and use his gifts. He then was able ask his father to brand then ink in some tattoos on his body so he could use his gift at will. As more time went by there was news of a potential war to break out between all the new species created by the gas. Jinchu's goal became something bigger than he ever thought he would dream as a young child. He planned to roam the world and find the 'monarch' figure of every race or land, determined on convincing everyone to abandon any attempts at a war, it would destroy the progression of the entire world... And it was a 17 year-old's undying will who planned to stop it. Not wavering from this plan, Jinchu currently is in Oaklord town within the Land of Oloco, deciding how exactly he was going to move forward with this dreamer's idea.

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    Post by Kanana on Tue Aug 07, 2012 4:23 pm


    Here we are, midair off of a cliff; staring down at the end again. Maybe we're finally on the road that's headed away? What if we wasted love and our love in time disappeared? And the sad song ends up being the last song you ever hear? Maybe we gave our all; a song we'll never forget. Let them play it; maybe it'll save the world. What if we loved every moment that we could've saved? And the perfect song ends up being the last song you ever hear? Our song is playin' till the end. Even if it's the last song.

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    Post by Jareth on Tue Aug 07, 2012 4:25 pm

    As an unofficial admin, Approved!

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