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    Raira Kumo Boshino


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    Raira Kumo Boshino Empty Raira Kumo Boshino

    Post by Raira on Thu Dec 06, 2012 4:06 pm

    Raira Kumo Boshino Untitled-5-1

    Raira Kumo Boshino Untitled-2-1
    ~|Raira Kumo Boshino|~
    ~:~The Little Tiger or The Winged Angel (depending on the person)~:~


    | Sagittarius |Three|November/Twenty-Fourth/1602|
    (The current year is 1605)

    /-/Female/-/She's three. She doesn't know what that means./-/Single. She's three./-/

    Raira Kumo Boshino PersonalityInformation

      § Tokiwa
      § Candy
      § Tigers
      § Playing
      § Fighting
      § Giggling
      § Trying to Fly
      § Reading Bed-Time Stories with Momma


      § Nap-time
      § Dresses
      § Pink
      § Veggies
      § Most Grown-Ups
      § Meanies (People Who Say No)


    Raira is an active little sprout who is constantly running, talking, screaming and playing. She enjoys using fake weapons to pretend to take down dummies, and her little wings are always flapping; she never touches the ground unless she wants to run, preferring to hover where she goes. If she jumps from high places, she can gently float down, although she lacks the strength to fly upward too high. She loves almost everyone except strangers, and can be seen running through Noro Palace between legs, under skirts, and stealing sweets from the kitchens. For three years old, she's quite the rowdy little munchkin.


    § Eat Candy
    § Kick Butt like Momma and Tokiwa
    § Fly
    § Play
    § Kick Butt Again
    § Eat More Candy


    § Adorable
    § Fiesty
    § ...Adorable again.


    § Three
    § Screams when Denied
    § Holds Her Breath When People Say No


    Raira Kumo Boshino DescriptionInformation

    =]Blonde|Green|Pale and Creamy[=


    Three and a half feet tall; 37 inches

    30 pounds


    Raira Kumo Boshino Raira5child
    Raira Kumo Boshino Raira12preteen
    Raira Kumo Boshino Raira15teen
    Raira Kumo Boshino Raira18youngadult

    Raira is small and adorable, with a rounded tummy like most toddlers and hay-like hair. She's very bright and is always seen smiling; she always wears a necklace given to her by Tokiwa. Her eyes are the color of her mother's, her hair the color of her father's. She's got the fiery temper and bloodlust of Kanana, and the smarts of both of her parents. She's a beautiful little girl, and when she actually sits still and allows herself to be properly dressed as a princess should be, her hair falls in ringlets to her chin--when straight, they go to her shoulders.

    Raira Kumo Boshino Untitled-4525
    Where Are you?

    -|-Noseados|:|Noro Palace|:|Everyone in Noro Palace-|-


    Born with wings. Ability to control weather; everything about her changes when she is weather-controlling. Her hair and eyes go completely black, like a raven, without a pupil or any whites at all. Just black. Her skin also turns a faint silver color as well, like the moon, as though she's glowing; if you touched her when she was weather-controlling, you'd be blasted onto your butt by the electric charge surging through her skin. She can also grow the claws of a tiger--this comes from her father's ability to change into an owl.

    Raira Kumo Boshino BackgroundHistory
    Born a week before Tokiwa, the Princess of Noro Palace's birthday, Raira was a talented child from the start. She was born with navy blue wings, small enough to allow her to hover even as a baby. As she grows older, her wings will become almost clear in color, and then thicken and darken to a pure white color, with lush feathers. At the age of seven, she displayed a wonderful ability with knives and crossbows. At the age of 13, she hit puberty and got her weather controlling powers. She is kind and sweet in personality, although she's tough as nails like her mom, and later becomes Princess Tokiwa's Heir and the greatest General and strategist Noseados has ever seen.

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    Post by Tokiwa on Thu Dec 06, 2012 8:34 pm

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    Post by Armond on Fri Dec 07, 2012 2:17 pm

    Approved. Considering that there are three staff members at the moment, i'd say that you're fit to post

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    Post by Raira on Fri Dec 07, 2012 10:38 pm

    Thanks Kiwa, Armond. :3

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