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    things to train for....


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    things to train for....

    Post by Tokiwa on Wed Sep 12, 2012 4:13 pm

    so i could put this this in my other post....cause thats where it was brought up where we need more stuff to train for....well i did have ideas for that but i forgot to put them in the topic itself.....and just to keep this a bit cleaner...im going to post them here.....so here some ideas for what the differnt races can train for they are kinda basic tho.........


    Ventanies could train to learn new words for powers.....like a fire Ventanies, has the a word to use a fireball like power....well they could train and learn a word to use a fire power that creates a wall of fire.....

    maybe they could also do some sort of advanced training, that would allow them to mentally use there powers as well, however powers used like this would be about only half power.


    Altamones like the ventanies would learn new seals for there powers.

    there advanced training would allow them to create symbols in the air and at range with there energy, but much like the ventanies using a power like this would be only at half its normal power.

    I haz no idea..... this race is kinda hard to use as it is....as where not suposed to get that gorey but they use there own organs and blood as weapons...... but i dont know somone can come up with somthing...


    from what ive read Corleiks are stuck in there forms for a while after they transform, so there training would allow them have better control over there transformations being able to transform faster and learn how to revert at will...

    there advanced traning would allow them to partly transform, so instead of transforming there whole body they could transform just there arm or somthing...

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