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    some of my ideas...


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    some of my ideas... Empty some of my ideas...

    Post by Tokiwa on Thu Sep 06, 2012 1:47 pm


    Hello peoplez, I am writing this in the middle of the night, cause I woke up and these ideas hit me like marshmallow wildfire, so if im missspelling things, its cause im half asleep, and I have a headache, but anyway, here are some ideas I had.

    Random arc events.

    So like I was thinking, that not everything in the arc has to happen all the sudden in one topic, no I think it could happen lots of places, more importently I think that people need something to do!
    So I got to thinking, that there should be these mini events that could pop up about the current arc/whatever. Like currently we are in the Czigus invasion/reblion arc, we could do every once in a while a sticky post saying something like, “a group of Czigus have been raiding a small farming town for supplies,“ that stickly would redirect you to a post made by one of the admins using an account made for these events/npcs/arcs about the setting and what was currently going on, then who ever wanted to would post on it and after a while the event would start, and no new people would be allowed unless given permission form a admin. These events would also give money, to spend on things, which I have some ideas for more things to spend on later in this post but anyway, ill give you a example how the sticky post would go.

    Czigus raiders!

    a small band of Czigus soldiers have been raiding nearby farming villages for supplies, the townsfolk could really use a hand.

    Recommended amount of people: 1-2

    max amount of people: 4

    location: area outside of Valentine Town


    you would have a title, a small bit about what was going on, the recommended amount of people which is the amount of people that should be able to deal with the problem fairly, the max amount of people because you don't a small event having a army of people doing it, then its location. The Event thing at the end would be a link to the event post itself. At the end of the event, the admin who was runing it would give all the players that was in it some money, depending on the difficulty of it and if they actually rped in it rather then just going around killing raiders and that’s all. The events don't even have to be about the arc, rather you should just say its just some bandits or anything really. But I think these could be niffty little things people could do, and of course if somone wanted to lets say help the Czigus they could do that as well.

    More things to spend money on!
    Yep I think weve been over this but anyway we really do need some more things to spend items on, for the most part we only have some magic fruit, which isnt a lot. So I was thinking, we at least need a weapon shop, otherwise I could just randomly say I have one of every weapon ever just randomly, players would also be able to buy there custom weapons there. Also I think players should be able to buy homes, and im not talking about a one house fits all type of deal either, they could buy a run down shack for around 200G, a basic home for 1000G, a nicer larger home for 5000G and maybe, even there own mansion or castle for a million G. however each home would have there own little place to rp in, the shack would have a simple topic that would be used, and never deleted or homed. The slightly nicer homes would get there own sub board. And the castle/mansion would get there very own board. However this is more of an extra rping thing then anything, I have no idea if people would actully want to use it, I would but.

    I was also thinking, I went to thinking about Nala Sun's powers, her powers contiune to work no matter how long time passes, as long as the symbol is intact. So it got me thinking, this could be applied to objects. However it would be more complex then just drawing the symbol onto a swords blade, rather it would have had to of been made and fordged into the steel itself. Requiring special training in order to do. This would allow us to put the ability to enchant weapons and giving players new things they could buy and more rp opitions. Thesse items of course would cost a lot of money and it wouldn't just anyone to have them.

    But if a player does not want magic weapons, they would need somwere else to go, rather they would have to go to the town of Valentine. I was thinking about it, and most likely Valentine town most likely is at the forefront of technology even if the better stuff is being held up in the labs, it would make sense that the the city itself would get any technology that the lab starting to send out into the would first.

    I was also thinking about another thing, pets. One should be able to buy pets, for combat or just to have a friend to come home to. It would give another opition to the player.

    More creatures and plants

    speaking about pets, we really do need some more creatures, some none violent ones would be nice, along with that we should add a plant page discussing some of those as well, and having some being able to use to do things, like saying a plant is good for treating burns and whatnot, and more detail just for the creatures and plants...

    Arc running

    well I think everyone might be thinking this but im not sure, I dont think the head admin should always be the one running the arcs. I think after a whole arc is completed and done, the admins should discuss ideas on what the next arc is going to be, and for the most part if one of the ideas has a very good idea, they should be the one to run it for the most part, they dont have to but I think it would also remove some stress from the head admin, this would also allow the head admins chars to act more normally when doing stuff in a arc, as they will have some info on the arc and whats going to happen but there not 100% how its going to happen or go down. I myself have a few ideas that would work for arcs, or atleast mini arcs...... and maybe every once in a while we could do a whole site poll on a arc so the one site can choose once in a while....

    More things to train for!

    We really do need some more training options, we really do. Currently we have one thing...that would be the inner power, which is good, but it isnt a lot. Maybe requring needing traning to use different weapons and such, I don’t know.....i also think we might need a way to tell power on this site, and no im not talking about stats, we can stay away from those. Otherwise were are going to get a lot of rper when we start to advertise more who will join making super strong chars and saying that there are powerful as the leaders themselves, and while we could just not approve those chars I feel ike thats not the best choice of action. Having some sort of power level stytem would also allow people to know were the leaders actully stand, like when I first joined this site, from what I was told/read the leaders were pretty much unbeatable and I was told that no one would ever get to there level. This would give them a visible place where there power stands. It would also give people something else to train for. And while I do understand that people can make and rp weaker characters I don’t know if that will be a common practice when we pretty much have no way to tell whos stronger or weaker then the next guy besides what it says in the bio, and whos going to make sure everyones rping at there right power level, also currently there would be no way to train up a weaker char to a stronger one, I mean you could “say” you did but but thats not really true either.

    More races

    ya this is another thing we went over before, namely I think we need more races. There isnt a lot of choices really, and the reason I believe everyone was picking Corleiks is due to the fact that, they pretty much are able to do whatever, just because they have to transform doesnt seem to limit them, they seem to be able to use all sorts of close ranged and far ranged attacks with there powers, while others have some sort of command or medium they have to use in order to do so, making them actully much more powerful. This might require a reworking of corleik races all togeather but I think something needs to be done about it, either adding more races or changing the ones we currently have, and of course if we do change up the races and not add any new ones, characters that already have been set up in the old way will be able to keep there character how it is.

    More locations

    we also need a lot more locations, I do belive around 70% of what we have is in a city or town. Some of which like the castles you would need permission just to go otherwise you might just thrown in jail or something. But ya we realy should have some more places to explore and rp in.

    some preset factions to join.

    I think we need some preset factions. I know people can create there own, but I think if we have some preset ones it will give people some things to do. Like being a scientist in the Noro Laboratory or a member of armonds personal guard or something . And while I know one could just say that they are in there bio, I think having it a faction would make it a little bit easier. This would also make it a bit easier in getting people to join the current evil faction and whatnot.

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