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    Being an all around **** (OPEN)


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    Being an all around **** (OPEN) Empty Being an all around **** (OPEN)

    Post by Roark on Wed Sep 05, 2012 10:54 pm

    Roark swaggered through the main street of Valentine Town, walking into anyone that didn't move out of his way in the crowded street. Besides a couple of dirty looks, no one in the town seemed brave enough to stand up to him. He brushed passed an old woman who stumbled forward and dropped the soup she'd just bought on the ground. She turned around with a very angry look but didn't say a thing once she saw Roark's built body. He didn't even look at her or any of the other people he pushed passed. He made it to a vendor selling warm drinks and demanded one of them. The shopkeeper looked left and right, realized there were no guards around, and handed Roark a drink. Roark walked away, pushing a woman holding a baby as he went. He deserved this kind of treatment anyway, he was better than all of them after all. He was more powerful, he had a better body, and he looked better. That's why he had money, and they didn't, and it was also why he didn't need to spend the money he had. He couldn't imagine anyone being stupid enough to challenge him.

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