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    Olivine Axel Ellington (Real submission)


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    Olivine Axel Ellington (Real submission)

    Post by Olivine on Fri Jul 06, 2012 3:47 pm


    ~|Olivine Axel Ellington|~
    ~:~What are you known as~:~

    Word could only describe my life in less than three ways. I am neither there nor here. I am the voice in your head calling to you making you do things you don't want to...am I your conscience, or am I your worst nightmare, only in due time will that answer be found out, but for right now you can just say,Freedom is a state of mind. To be free is to be happy, no matter where you might be.


    (Keep in mind that the explosion happened 1596 and the current year is 1602)



      § People who like her
      § Ruling
      § Being Cute
      § Reading
      § Public speaking
      § The ocean


      § People who don't like her
      § Being alone
      § Loud noises
      § Darkness( not a fear, just a dislike)
      § Carpet
      § Birds


    Olivine is nice and fun-loving and strives to be cute, but if you don't take her seriously, she will kill you. A lot of people think that ruling a land is a big job for an eighteen year-old, and that may be true, but Olivine is very mature for her age. Her piercing red eyes can get anyone to talk if need be. She enjoys being addressed as "your highness" or "Queen", even though it's not technically correct.


    § Olivine has one goal and one goal only, to become the most loved ruler in history.


    § LIFE
    § WATER


    § Sunlight
    § Short temper

    =|Main Flaw-Her short temper|=



    60 inches

    [Place height here in Centimeters or Inches]

    [Place weight here in Kilograms or Pounds]


    Olivine has long silver hair, put back in a puff. Her bangs cover one of her piercing red eyes. Her skin is pale as she is albino. She normally wears a red blouse with matching skirt.When outside she uses a black parasol for the sun.

    Where Are you?

    -|-Oloco|:|Castle of Oloco|:|N/A-|-


    Olivine has the ability to generate life draining water from any part of her body. nuff said.

    Olivine was born to normal parents and lived a normal life. She was taunted for being albino, but other than that it was good. She was 14 when the explosion hit, and she discovered her power at 15, when she killed her first boyfriend with water she conjured by accident. Because of her great power, she became a ruler of one of the four new (I'm assuming the nations were formed after the explosion, but I can't remember if I know that) nations along with Kanana, Armond, and Atreyu.

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