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    Nala Sun [Complete!]

    Nala Sun
    Nala Sun

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    Nala Sun [Complete!] Empty Nala Sun [Complete!]

    Post by Nala Sun on Tue Aug 14, 2012 3:35 pm

    Nala Sun [Complete!] Moon

    Nala Sun [Complete!] Untitled-2-1
    ~|Nala Sun|~
    ~:~The Wish Granter~:~

    I Live To Serve


    (Keep in mind that the explosion happened 1596 and the current year is 1602)

    /-/Female/-/Whatever You Want/-/Single/-/

    Nala Sun [Complete!] PersonalityInformation

      § Getting out of her bottle
      § Helping others
      § Singing
      § Bellydancing
      § Resting


      § Being stuck in her bottle
      § Being tricked
      § Harming people
      § Hot-heads
      § Idiots
      § Greedy people


    She lives to serve. Obedient, she is not often angry, but when she is...be afraid. Be very afraid. She often expresses happiness when out of her bottle, sadness when she's locked away, and anger when she's tricked.


    § Help others
    § Become free of her bottle


    § She grants wishes


    § Trapped in a bottle
    § Limited to being able to grant 3 wishes a day

    =|Main Flaw-Lives to Serve|=

    Nala Sun [Complete!] DescriptionInformation

    =]Reddish|Purple Color|Alabaster[=

    Sad Nala Sun
    Nala Sun [Complete!] Nalasuns
    Happy Nala Sun
    Nala Sun [Complete!] Nalasunh
    Angry Nala Sun
    Nala Sun [Complete!] Nalasuna
    Nala Sun's Bottle
    Nala Sun [Complete!] Sbottle



    120 Pounds

    Nala Sun [Complete!] Untitled-4525
    Floating in a River

    -|-Oloco|:|In a Bottle|:|Moving inanimate objects in a bottle-|-


    Nala's powers don't really work as tattoos on her body, more like taking the tattoos upon her body and putting the symbol on an object to warp reality into granting a wish. If that symbol is removed the reality returns to normal. She basically generates a symbol upon an object. If the wish affects an area more than the person themselves, then she would place symbols in a square around said area in order to make some sort of reality bubble. She is limited to 3 uses a day (for the cliche of 3 wishes thing) since reality warping is extremely powerful stuff. No auto-kill wishes, no wishing for more than 3 wishes (Cliches! Whoo!) and you cannot force someone's actions such as having someone fall in love with someone else, and you cannot force someone to make a wish for you because it won't work. Also, wishing for the dead to come back isn't allowed.

    Nala Sun [Complete!] BackgroundHistory
    Nala was a regular girl, a gypsy and bellydancer who traveled everywhere. She did so alone, as she didn't like being around people much. When the neon light hit, she had been polishing a bottle. She was sucked into this bottle and hadn't been let out until someone came along and rubbed it. (Yay cliches!!) She then found that there were symbols on her hands, and could grant wishes. She also found that she could not use her powers upon herself. And each time that someone was done with their 3 wishes, she was sucked back into her bottle. Inside the bottle, there are furnishings and she shrinks, but she still hates it within.


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    Post by Tokiwa on Wed Aug 15, 2012 12:50 pm

    Nala Sun [Complete!] Approvepiccopyfull

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    Post by Armond on Wed Aug 15, 2012 3:45 pm


    also, APPROVED

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