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    Beginning The Journey Empty Beginning The Journey

    Post by Jinchu on Sun Aug 12, 2012 6:49 pm

    Jinchu never left home, now he was beginning a journey that would force him to explore the entire world, it is kind of funny at this point... How a boy who knew so little about everything wanted to save it all, whether it was considered a good or bad world to live in he made up his mind as soon as he heard news of the potential war, 'No one seems like they want to prevent it... I never heard any news of a Monarch making public their opinion on the issue or made any preventing war promises. What if it is supposed to be hushed and I only know of the rumors through traveler's hear-say.' Jin was a just person, driven by a promise he made to himself in the memory of his dead mother. He promised he was going to protect the world and that was exactly what he planned to do in any way possible. He didn't really have anything with him besides his usual attire and his couple pieces of chalk in his left pocket.

    He was just about to make it on his way, Jin was just at the outskirts of Oaklord Town choosing not to go by the train station for it seemed to just be a waste of money. Already having said goodbye to all he knew, Jinchu felt a little empty and the slight sadness was visible if one were to look at his face at the moment. he began to walk with his hands in his pockets, and his hair slightly being moved and caught by the wind. His steps were very lights considering his boot-like shoes his destination is Castle Shuron, to meet with Olivine. The ruler that resided in the Land of Oloco was the first he wished to talk to on the fact that she was the closest. Being a commoner Jinchu never got close to meeting with her and had only heard stories about the apparently magical lake that surrounded her castle. He figured it would end up becoming hard to get in the castle but he decided he would travel there to see the truth of the matter with his own eyes before getting discouraged.


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