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    Travelling Rules


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    Travelling Rules Empty Travelling Rules

    Post by Atreyu on Mon Jul 02, 2012 4:07 pm

    Just in case you were wondering how does one travel from point A to point B, then from point B to point C, I will explain everything you need to know here, so there won't be any confusion, okay? Okay. So basically this traveling system will cover everything you need to know on how to travel, whats the fastest way to travel, and how many people you can travel with at once, seriously there is a real about traveling buddies, we don't want 5p of you in the same topic...I mean what the hell is up with that <.<

    Okay so first things first, there is will transportation. Meaning we have boats and trains. YAY!!! Okay so each region has a train station that allows you to go to a certain place or a certain area. Basically with the train you can only go to places that have train stops, AKA the cities/towns/villages of the certain regions.

    Q1:How long will it take me to get from point A to point B, point A to point C and point A to Point B?

    A: Our Idea is that however many people are traveling with you the post count is the number of people times 3.

    Q2:Where do I get off when I have finished the set amount of posts?

    A: Well we require that you get off at the destinations train station, thats normally how it would work unless the train explodes, then yeah.

    Q3:Can I be in more than one place at the same time?

    A:To make a long story short...No. Liquid time is extremely prohibited as it will mess with the flow of this site?

    Q4:What is Liquid Time?

    A:Liquid time is being in 2 or more topics at the same time with the same character?

    Q5:For places that don't have train stations how would I get from here to there, and what is the post duration?

    A:Same as question 1.

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