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    Tokiwa Empty Tokiwa

    Post by Len on Sun Jul 22, 2012 3:15 am

    ( ok I posted this with this account due to the site not letting me post links on the new one...)

    Tokiwa Untitled-5-1

    Tokiwa Untitled-2-1
    ~:~The Destoryer~:~

    Word could only describe my life in less than three ways. I am neither there nor here. I am the voice in your head calling to you making you do things you don't want to...am I your conscience, or am I your worst nightmare, only in due time will that answer be found out, but for right now you can just say, Kanana is so cool, I wish I was like her.


    |Sagittarius |10|December/1/1592|

    /-/Female/-/She doesn't know yet/-/Single /-/

    Tokiwa PersonalityInformation

      § Rain
      § cats


      §the dark
      §being cold
      §being alone
      § people getting hurt


    tokiwa, for the most part is a sweet little girl, who doesnt understand a lot of things in the world. She however feels like shes a danger to everyone else, as often times she'll pass out and when she awakes she'll find herself surrounded by destruction, but she doesn't know why, this causes her to try to stay away from people. She has quite a obsession with Lady Kanana ever sense she saved her from death in the forest. Causing her to go all the way to Valentine town to see her.


    § to somehow repay kanana for saving her
    § to become as cool as kanana


    § produces a lot of heat around her.
    §immune to fire and heat
    § using physical attacks on her is dangerous


    § she has no control over her powers.
    § ice
    § water

    =|Main Flaw- while one of her main flaw would her being a child, and quite weak all around while not using her powers, there are actually a few big ones. For one thing while using her powers, water can quickly cool her body down causing her to go into a weakened state, however if one stops spraying her, her body will heat up again, however this does not mean she isn't getting hurt by it. |=

    Tokiwa DescriptionInformation







    Tokiwa Untitled-4525
    Where Are you?

    -|-Noseados|:|Noro Palace |:|Lady Kanana; Elena, her caretaker-|-


    Tokiwa's power is one that brings death and destruction when ever it awakes. However she has no control over it or when she activates it. Normaly only activating when shes under stress or in danger. Anger also seems to be able to bring it out. However it just doesn't click on, rather her body seems to start to heat up, at this point she starts to become dizzy and her vision becomes blurry. Her body will continue to heat up to the point of setting flammable objects on fire and boiling water. However once her body hits critical mass, it will start to glow orange, and tokiwa will black out, unleashing a wave of heat. This is were her transformation begins, her body seeming shifts into a molten state a pool of lava, before beginning to reshape itself back into a more adult body. However this body is no longer driven by Tokiwa rather a being of pure rage and anger, its only thought is to destroy. This being causes itself to grow and harden into this form.

    the body itself is much larger, almost the size of a large wagon. This form however is merely a armored shell, her real body lies inside. This form however seems to rarely use its lava powers, more or less always relying on its pure physical power to attack. If someone somehow broke off this shell, they would find a woman, seemly composed of completely lava on the inside. She seems to be able to not only shoot off lava in its liquid form, but also create objects with it in a more hardened form. Her body also produces large amounts of heat, she seems to be able to unleash it in waves when angry, which can burn and set fires.

    Tokiwa BackgroundHistory
    Tokiwa, was born and raised in a small village somewhere on the out skirts of Areados, it was a small farming village. Life was good, however one day the light happened. Creating mass destruction, in the process killing tokiwa's family. As she stood there over there bodies, something clicked inside of her, she screamed out in anger, and that is all she can remember before she blacked out. However what she didn't know is she had transformed and started on a rampage throughout the town, leveling it to nothing. When she awoke, she found herself in a field, looking over to see her former town burning, fearful she ran away from the burning town. She found herself in another town not far from, the one she ran from, it was still recovering from the light. She found safety with a small family, who took her in after learning about her own family's death. After a year went by she was living a group of men came to the village and used there powers to threaten the people, trying to get them to give them money among other things. When Tokiwa's adoptive mother wouldn't give them what they want and hit her, something once again clicked inside of tokiwa, feeling her body becoming filled with heat she passed out, unleashing power apon the men, and the town. She awoke in the center of the town. Finding much of it destroyed, somehow knowing she was the cause of it, she ran away. Deep into the nearby forest hiding out there. She stayed there for days, after a while she became very weak from not eating much, she found herself surrounded by bloodthirsty animals, she just layed there ready to die, in till a woman appeared killing each and every one of the animals. Tokiwa was amazed by the woman and started following her, secretly always hiding behide a tree or something if the woman heard her. Tokiwa was lucky that the woman would always leave some scarps of food at the camp sites she made, otherwise tokiwa would have never been able to follow her. After a while she found herself at a place called Valentine town and as she watched Kanana enter into the town, she heard some people call her Lady kanana, a name she would never forget. She entered into the town, learning more about kanana, learning she was the ruler of these lands. Tokiwa wanted to thank kanana for helping her, but was to fearful to try to herself and didn't believe any guard would even let her close to the castle. So she lived on the streets of the town doing what she could to get by. But everytime she learned Lady Kanana was in town she would follow her around watching her.

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    Tokiwa Empty Re: Tokiwa

    Post by Armond on Sun Jul 22, 2012 9:02 am

    Why am I the only one without a fan? -__-


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    Tokiwa Empty Re: Tokiwa

    Post by Kanana on Sun Jul 22, 2012 11:48 am

    I'll be your fan, Armond! I'll make a geeky chick totally obsessed with you who doesn't bathe! Razz (But yeah, I'm intending to make a second character. I'll make him/her [haven't decided gender yet] be a big fan of yours.) Yay!

    ANYWAYS! Len! I LOVE your character!!! You ish approved, luverface!!

    Here we are, midair off of a cliff; staring down at the end again. Maybe we're finally on the road that's headed away? What if we wasted love and our love in time disappeared? And the sad song ends up being the last song you ever hear? Maybe we gave our all; a song we'll never forget. Let them play it; maybe it'll save the world. What if we loved every moment that we could've saved? And the perfect song ends up being the last song you ever hear? Our song is playin' till the end. Even if it's the last song.

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    Tokiwa Empty Re: Tokiwa

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