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    Roark Empty Roark

    Post by Roark on Mon Jul 16, 2012 12:15 am

    Roark Untitled-5-1

    Roark Untitled-2-1
    ~:~A Narcissistic Behemoth~:~

    Step aside, shining metal muscle is here, and you aren't prepared for it.




    Roark PersonalityInformation

      § Domination
      § Slow Enemies
      § Himself
      § Working Out
      § The Beach
      § Swords


      § Cold
      § Being Alone
      § Insects
      § The Forest/Caves
      § Things that Glow in the Dark
      § Criticism


    Roark is one arrogant son of a b'itch. While he has a preference for other males, he really is a good and true narcissist, who loves talking about himself and his achievements. Roark is stubborn and will hardly ever concede a point, because he feels like he is always right even when he is ludicrously wrong. He does not enjoy education, because it tries to teach him stuff he thinks he knows better about. He enjoys being around pushovers and people who are easy to dominate, so he is often seen around weak men and women. People who outskill him are enemies and Roark can become enraged by his own limits.


    § To be the very best. Like no one ever was.
    § Dominating other men.
    § Proving his strength
    § Getting to a place of power.
    § Honing his own skill.
    § Stepping on each and every person he comes across.


    § Powerful
    § Confident
    § Attractive


    § Arrogant
    § Overly Confident
    § Dumb

    =|Main Flaw-His Inability to accept help, advice, or teachings of others|=

    Roark DescriptionInformation

    =]Hair: Black|Eyes: Yellow|Skin: Tan[=



    Roark is incredibly masculine and fit. His hair is black and goes into a messy spike in front and becomes flatter as you reach the scalp. His face is quite sharp and manly, holding no feminine features. His eyebrows are of a medium thick ness and go in a straight line until turning at an angle near the end. His eyes are yellow with a tinge of green in them and are formed in a daring way. While wide at the bridge, his nose is straight all the way to nostrils which are often flared in arrogance or anger. His mouth is often frowning or opened in a wide, yelling fashion. A goutee goes around his lips and down his chin and is kept at a scruffy 5-o'-clock shadow length. He prefers wearing no shirt to expose his manly pecs and abs and figures he does not need armor because of his inherent ability. He wears shorts that go down to the knees and stop in tatters there. They might have been dress pants once. He wears old beaten up loafers, but he often ditches them for his bare feet.

    Roark Untitled-4525
    Where are you from?

    -|-Region|: Noseados|Current Location|: Valentine Town|-|-


    Roark turns into a completely metal form. His teeth grow much sharper, and his muscles become bigger. He basically becomes a metal behemoth. His fingers turn into sharp claws for ripping and tearing effectively, and his hair becomes a razor for headbutting with.

    Roark BackgroundHistory
    Roark was born into a rather rich and noble family, and with the status, money, and the entitlement he got with it, he became arrogant, stubborn, and insufferable to deal with. His parents did not enjoy being around him because of what a brat the status made him, so he grew up around butlers and maids mostly. He had no idea what his parents had done to earn money, he'd heard words like inheritance thrown around though. His parents often went to parties and gatherings, and they often, grudgingly, took Roark along, who would talk about how much better his family was than anyone else's. In his teenage years, Roark transposed this love of family to himself and began talking about how great he was and took on a hate for his own parents, as teenagers often do. He decided he'd leave as soon as he could. He spent years hating everyone around him and explaining it to "friends" who only stayed around him because they were doormats and did not want to offend him in case he hurt them later. On the day he was going to leave, the neon light explosion changed his life incredibly. He soon found he had the ability to make his body a metal berserk monster, and he tested the power on trees and animals. He left immediately after, taking money with him. He began honing his body to pass the day to day life. Over the past six years, he's become rather muscular and powerful. He could afford a rather large home with the money he took from his parents but it's rather bare and he only goes there to sleep really. He currently has some sort of friends, but he doesn't know anyone he really respects. He might not ever find someone like that.

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    Roark Empty Re: Roark

    Post by Kanana on Mon Jul 16, 2012 12:58 am


    Here we are, midair off of a cliff; staring down at the end again. Maybe we're finally on the road that's headed away? What if we wasted love and our love in time disappeared? And the sad song ends up being the last song you ever hear? Maybe we gave our all; a song we'll never forget. Let them play it; maybe it'll save the world. What if we loved every moment that we could've saved? And the perfect song ends up being the last song you ever hear? Our song is playin' till the end. Even if it's the last song.

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