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    Sad Story Empty Sad Story

    Post by Atreyu on Thu Jul 12, 2012 1:29 pm

    ...:::::TRUE STORY :'/::::::.....
    ~</3~My best friend anthony moved down to Arizona because he told me he was going to college. We've known eachother for years and never have we ever kept anything from one another at all. it was then when I get a phone from him a few weeks back. He tells me that he is living in a homeless shelter and in order for him to stay there he needs a job, but the job pays him below minimum wage. He drops one bomb on me telling me he has cancer and that he doesn't have the momney to by the medicine he needs. In hsi vocie I can ehar it, the sorry, the sound as if he isn't telling me everythign....he then tells me that his whole family has been seperated he doesn't know where his mom, dad or borthers and sisters are, thats when he tells me he is an illegal immigrant and everythign in me shatters. I asked him for how long, and he told me since birth. I said that if the police find him they will deport him, but it would be alright because his aunt lives in mexico. Several weeks later he's been deported, and finds out his aunt was killed and now he has no family he can turn to and he is lost in the depths of mexico. his mom was found in maine, but she has been sentenced in jail from running from the police and robbing from a store to get money to see her son. His dad hasn't been found and his borthers and sisters are AWOL. Anthony is all alone now. Just alone. I tried to help, I gave him over 3,000 dollars, but still that wasn't enough. Anthony where ever you are, you are a much stronger person than any of us can hope to become. Much Love Amigo.
    ~Anthony Ramirez garza~♥~

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