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    The Ender's Fleet


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    The Ender's Fleet

    Post by Theos on Fri Jul 06, 2012 9:00 pm

    Secret Organization Name: The Ender's Fleet
    Leader: Pirate Master Theos
    Goal: Monopolize/Explore the Ocean
    Well, there are three types of ways to become initiated into The Ender's Fleet.
    Way One:

    Well, this one is simple, be brought in by slavery, work your way to freedom. And, when you've worked off your freedom, you can then be given the option to leave, or stay. Choose to stay.

    Way Two:

    Obtain a massive Naval Vessel with your own merit/team, we'll find you, don't worry.

    Way Three:

    This is one that's a little tricky, you must first be able to find the illusive Pirate Master Theos, he doesn't make himself well known, however, he won't lie if you ask if it's him. Unless you're asking everyone, that's just pathetic. Then, once you have located him, there are one of three things he will do, or he might make you do all three, who knows? Theos will either just test your wits with giving you something random, and telling you to rob a bank, using just that, without getting caught. Or, he will tell you to kill a man with said item. ((Of course not a character, that's just silly)) Or, to test your charm, Theos will point to an attractive lady (or whatever suits your fancy) in a crowd, and ask you to swoon her to sleep with you. And follow through, although fading to black would be what would inevitably happen.

    What do you guys do? Outside of your goal:
    The Ender's Fleet just does open trade of all goods, excluding slaves, the Pirate Master disapproves of slaves greatly. Unless you buy them out of slavery into the fold. The Fleet annually hosts a giant trade during the winter solstice at ((still has yet to be found)).

    Top Tier, Descending from Greatest to Least:

    Pirate Master (Leader) x1 [TAKEN]
    Hoarder (Treasurer of Treasurers) x1 (OPEN)
    Pirate Lord (Offensive, Defensive, Economic) x3 (ALL OPEN)
    Engineer (Make the ships) x4 (OPEN)

    Ships Rank (Numbered):

    1. Ship Captain [As many as needed]
    2. First Mate/Treasurer [As many as needed]
    3. Doctor/Medic [As many as needed]
    3. Cook [As many as needed]
    3. Shipwright (Fixer) [As many as needed]
    4. Deck Hands
    (Including, not limited to:
    Helmsman (Steering guy)
    Lookout (looks out for rocks)
    Rigger (hooks ship to land)
    Quartermaster (makes sure ship is ready to sail)
    Blacksmith (maintains weapons and armor for pirates)
    Tailor (maintains cloth pieces of ship, including mast)
    Barber (keeps all the hair in the same style you originally intended)
    Scholars (research the place being robbed)
    Cartographer (Map Makers)
    Navigator (Navigates)
    [As many as needed]

    [[Ship Captains decide importance of Deck Hands]]

    Nationality Preferences: Nope.
    This entire Fleet may be under the "employment" of Gavendia Navy.

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