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    Post by Armond on Fri Jul 06, 2012 7:24 pm

    Armond Escaza Queroi Moon

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    ~|Armond Escaza Queroi|~


    Word could only describe my life in less than three ways. I am neither there nor here. I am the voice in your head calling to you making you do things you don't want to...am I your conscience, or am I your worst nightmare, only in due time will that answer be found out, but for right now you can just say,


    |Wood pig|27|3/12/1575|
    (Keep in mind that the explosion happened 1596 and the current year is 1602)


    Armond Escaza Queroi PersonalityInformation

      His subjects
      Good tea


      Enemies of the state
      Unnecessary war
      Drunken idiots.


    It would be safe to say that out of all the four rulers, Armond is the one that usually takes charge. He is assertive, yet he can be kind and understanding, especially with his subjects. He is, however quite easy to fool, as he tends to believe anyone with a decent sob story. He cares for his subjects greatly, and would give his life for them.

    When it comes to his relationship with the other rulers, he gets on quite well with Kanana and Olivine, his relationship with Atreyu is slightly different, they have a bit of a rivalry going on. However, he doesn’t dislike Atreyu, he’s merely indifferent towards him. Armond is a fair ruler, and when he sees an injustice going on, he’ll put a stop to it, as he is strongly guided by morality. If the injustice is is another region, he’ll point it out to the ruler of the said region.

    He does, however have a bit of a soft spot for cats.


    To rule fairly and justly.
    To find some sort way to extend the life of his cat, simba.
    To travel across the land.
    To be the very best (ruler)
    To catch them all (the criminals.)


    Kind hearted
    A natural leader.
    Expert strategist.
    Good with cats.
    Has one of the four ‘pure powers’.
    Innovative fighter.


    Easy to fool with a good sob story.
    Lenient with prison sentences.
    Too trusting.
    Not willing to go to war.

    =|Main Flaw-Too trusting.|=

    Armond Escaza Queroi DescriptionInformation






    It’d be fair to say that Armond’s good looking, he could certainly get a fair few women (and men). But what’s immediately noticeable about him is his bright yellow hair, that spikes upwards in a strange fashion. On the middle of his torso there’s his personal symbol, a single, white crystal. He has the same symbols on his palm, one on his back, and one on each foot. He also has smaller ones on each finger. He also has one on each knuckle. He also has tanned, muscular arms, as are his legs. His eyes are a dark brown, and show his good nature.

    Armond normally chooses to wear a loose red jacket, clearly showing the symbol engraved on his chest. He also wears loose blue pants, and he opts not to wear shoes. So overall Armond’s attire is quite simple. However on a rainy day he might opt to wear a large fur coat, made from a bear he killed himself.

    Armond Escaza Queroi Untitled-4525
    Where Are you?

    -|-|:|The Crystal Palacae|:|Servants, the “hands” “eyes and ears” -|-


    Armond’s symbol is a white circle. When he draws the symbol white crystal shoots out of the symbol, there can be as much crystal as Armond needs. Now this crystal can be shot out of the white circle in any sort of form. So he can shoot crystal out and create a ramp. If, however the form is too big to come out of the circle, then a cylindrical crystal will be shot out of it, the crystal will expand and turn into the desired form. Let’s say, for instance that Armond needs to make a really big shield. A cylindrical crystal would shoot out of the symbol, and the end would expand, forming a large shield. Armond can also opt to shoot small, spiked diamonds. These symbols are also able to move earth. When Armond uses his powers too much, he’ll go into a comatose state, and A large protective crystal will cover his body. He’ll probably be in this state for around a day. Finally, when he uses his powers the symbol he is using glows a bright white.

    Armond Escaza Queroi BackgroundHistory
    Armond was born into one of the four royal families, the Querois. From a young age he was schooled in the art of ruling by a collection of teachers. He was taught how to enforce law, be fair and just, and all of the general kingly stuff. He grew up in perfect serenity, and his subjects loved him. He soon got too stand by his father’s side in court, where he gained a reputation as ‘the people’s prince’ as he often argued with his father about rulings he thought to be unjust. And the people loved him to a point where they would throw down flowers as he was passing. The court, however did not. For when Armond was young, the court was corrupt and unjust. Something he absolutely hated. Armond openly rebelled against his father, and had many long and heated discussions with him. It was in the middle of one of these discussions that the blast hit.

    The force shattered everything, the golden palace, the forest, the city. All of it was completely demolished, and Armond saw his father consumed by light in front of him, and Armond himself was flung a large distance away, where he passed out. He awoke a few minutes later, and looked round. He was in what used to be the streets of Kohlec, but they were demolished, nothing remained. The sight of the once great city demolished, awoke something in his heart, and his chest started to glow. Armond looked down, and saw a great circle on his chest. He also saw some on his palms. He was interrupted by a group of his subjects running towards him, crying. They knelt at his feet and begged him to help them. Suddenly, the circle on his chest started to glow brighter, and the circles on his palm and fingers started to glow. His subjects took a step back just in time as crystals poured out of every circle on his body. The crystals spread, and started to form shapes. The cityfolk watched in awe as the city that they had just seen destroyed was rebuilt. Eventually he had too stop, and he looked around at what he’d done, he had single handedly created the city. But he wasn’t done there, no, Armond could see it all, he would make the city again, but better.

    So that’s what he did, it took him a few years but he was eventually able to create a massive, sprawling megacity. On top of that, he was king, and able to choose good advisors. So from then on he no longer ruled as “the just prince” now he was “the fair king”.

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