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    Post by Atreyu on Mon Jul 02, 2012 3:51 pm

    Does the Clock Strike Death?

    I know, I know you guys are like wtf? What the hell is this site even about?!?! Well calm down and i'll tell you mainly on what this site is about.

    On a general basis this site is a custom made anime/manga site me and my friends are constructing, since it is custom made, there are some fanon stuff in it, like you might see some Bleach references every now and then or Some other anime you know and have come to love. but overall and other than that, everything was completely thought up from us. We hope you enjoy every single bit of fun in this site as we have enjoyed making the manga/anime.

    What The Site is About

    Does the Clock Strike is a custom made anime dated back in the 1600's when there were Kingdoms, Castles, Places, and everyone dressed fancy. But there is a catch. Several months after the Day of Dedication, a international day were people celebrate all of the rulers, a neon light flooded the sky covering all main regions. The Main regions covered were Oloco, Gavendia, Noseados and Areados. The neon light dominated all of those regions destroying land, buildings, even killing some people, but then the question is asked, "How Could Light do all of this?", and still the answer to that is still a mystery. Going back to the destruction, the Neon Light seemed to have had a reaction to the Rulers of the four main regions, because once it started to touch them, it didn't kill them, it began to seep in there body, having them absorb it by will, or was it force? Whatever it was the reaction the light had with them caused them to have special abilities, those abilities, were they a gift or a curse? Once the light was fully absorbed by the rulers known as the chosen ones, it imploded, then exploded scattering all across the land giving other people special abilities as well, but for some reason not all people were able to obtain these abilities they stayed the same, why? Still another question left unanswered, I guess we might as well leave life unanswered as well...shouldn't we. However the rulers that were given the abilities first, there names were well known, even more known now than they ever were. The first ruler, His name is Atreyu Delequez, he is the Ruler of Palace of Darvok located in the region of Areados, he was given the ability of pure white flames. The Second ruler, her name is Kanana "Nana" Boshino. She is the ruler of the Palace of Noro which is located in the region of Noseados. She was given the ability of pure white lightning. Then there is the Ruler of the Castle of Shuron located in Oloco. Her name is Olvine Millingham and she has the pure white water ability. Last but certainly not least is the Ruler of Castle Vasiral located in the region of Gavendia. He has the ability of pure white crystals. It is a strange thing how these people where the only ones given the ability of pureness. it was then when they started to call this ability Eon Blood. They were the only ones who have it and the only ones to obtain it. Sadly that was the time when jealously took over, people wanted to hone the power of the Eon blood, so they tried their hardest to make clones and fakes of the blood, but in return there was still no successful result, making the scheme end in a total failure. Even till this day however, people, evil people want the hone the power of that blood, and they will do whatever it takes to take control of it, even if it ends up killing there very existance.

    *I hope that sums it up for ya. More will be added but here is the general Idea.

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